Judo Mats

We wanted to install some Mats to help out with both Judo and

our son's wrestling. So.... we did.

With a quick search of the internet we found:

The Denver Dojo Inc Best workout floating floor system.

They were a big help in getting us started.

The mats came from Dollamur via Amazon. The mats are the same ones

that Mike Swain uses.

We ended up getting the closed cell polyethylene from:

The Foam Factory.

A quick trip to Home Depot for the plywood and we were ready to go.

We ended up going with 4"x4"x1.5" blocks.

Here's the rough plywood and foam layout:

We ended up counter sinking 6 metal brackets into the plywood in order to

avoid using two layers of plywood. So far it seems to have worked well.

You also notice from the pictures that I ended up hinging the two 4'x5' sections.

This was done so that we had access to our pump room door.


Click on the picture to see a larger version (opens in new window).

P1012681.jpg P1012682.jpg P1012683.jpg
P1012684.jpg P1012685.jpg P1012686.jpg
P1012689.jpg P1012690.jpg P1012691.jpg
P1012692.jpg P1012693.jpg P1012694.jpg
P1012695.jpg P1012696.jpg P1012725.jpg
P1012726.jpg P1012727.jpg P1012728.jpg
P1012729.jpg P1012730.jpg P1012731.jpg
P1012732.jpg P1012733.jpg P1012734.jpg
P1012735.jpg P1012736.jpg