Tree Hits House

Storm: 2010-5-26

The tree hit the house at 10:02 PM

Clean Up: 2010-5-27/28

Poultney was hit very hard with this storm. West Lake road has as many as 20 houses with tree's

on them. Cones Point is also a disaster zone. For the past few days we've seen literally Hundreds of

 CV trucks (Central Vermont Electrical) and Tree Service trucks from all over the place. There are

 electrical/tree company trucks from NY, PA, VT all working hard to get power restored.


We (the Slate family) would personally like to thank both Rick Dupont (he always comes through

for us) and Don Smith (Best Building Contractor in Central Vermont) for all their help through out

this mess. At this point... things are looking better.



Initial Damage

In the middle of Clean Up

After Clean Up

Construction (none yet)

Construction Done (none yet)

Other Damage


Some Pictures from the House Camera's

These are two pictures after the tree has already hit. Things do look nasty...


Video from the tree hitting:

1.6 Meg QuickTime Movie

Nothing too impressive but...