Retaining Wall


The idea:

The idea was to gain a little more useable yard. The hill next to our first tear of steps going down to the water was a little too steep. We wanted to fix it. So.....

Here's what it looked like before any work was done.

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Some early concepts:

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Here was one of the first ideas. In the long run we figured that we did not need yet another set of stairs. That and we figured that a block retaining wall would look much better.

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This concept drawing shows two walls. The original thought was to do a two tiered wall. We may or may not end up with a second wall.


The Progress:

W new there was a rock that we'd have to deal with. You could only see the very top of it, but my fear was that it was the start of a ledge.


It proved to be a VERY LARGE rock.

So the work began:

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The work was very hard. You could not use a shovel alone because there were just too many rocks. So it was a pick axe and manpower. It soon became obvious that we were dealing with a rather sizeable rock. It had to go so we had to dig it up. This meant that we would be digging allot more than we would other wise need to do.

The Rock:

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The rock got bigger and bigger. I had to rent a jack hammer to get rid of it. If you've never used a jack hammer before, it's not all fun and games. It weighs 70 lbs and very quickly became allot to deal with. It did get rid of the rock though.... it just took awhile.

The block arrives:

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On Friday Morning the block arrived. At 82 lbs a piece, they were not the easiest thing to move around. On Saturday morning the work began. With the help of Ken, the wall started to go up very quickly. By noon time the wall was up. Thing were looking good.

The final results:

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The final results looked great. We now had a flat surface to sit around the fireplace, and a much more useable yard.