Our House in Vermont

Waterside View

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The Lilly Pond - Lake St Catherine, Vermont


How it looked when we bought it...

pb050004a.jpg pb050017aa1.jpg pb050030.jpg
pb050032.jpg pb170005a1.jpg pb170008a1.jpg
p2190006.jpg pb170001.jpg pb170001a.jpg

How it looks now

P1014998.jpg P1015000.jpg P1015001.jpg
P1015002.jpg P1015004.jpg P1015006.jpg
P1015009.jpg P1015012.jpg P1015013.jpg



Project Start 6-2009

Foundation Pics
Framing Pics 1
Framing Pics 2
Framing Pics 3
Don's Pics
Almost Done
98 Percent
Construction Done

Project End 8-2009

Some more Pictures

Guys Weekend 2014

Guys Weekend 2011

Guys Weekend 2010

Tree Hits House - 2010/5/26

New Years 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

Guys Weekend 2009

Shore Work

Guy's Weekend 2004

Guy's Weekend 2005

Guys Weekend 2006 / Retaining Wall

The Lilly Factor May 2005

Guys Weekend 2007

Vacation July 2010